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Author of four novels; "Cloud Drops," an inspirational fantasy about the hereafter. "Other Dreams," intense suspense inspired by real events. "Harmony's Angel," action, adventure, romance, also inspired by real events. And "Strange Change" a deeply philosophical contemporary fantasy with supernatural overtones.


Revenge Why hold it, what they’ve done? It’s a heavy load to hold. If you can find a way to set it down, you’ll find yourself light of heart. Revenge never works. Especially for the avenger. Even when he “wins” … Continue reading

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On Religious Violence

On Religious Violence By Nicholas Ifkovits Young men of Islam, Christianity, or any other faith, don’t be fooled! Religious leaders that call for violence reveal within themselves a lack of faith. They aren’t “men of God” but “men of Satan,” … Continue reading

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Why God Doesn’t Kill the Devil

Why God Doesn’t Kill the Devil By Nicholas Ifkovits Bill Maher posed the question; “Why doesn’t God just kill the devil and eliminate evil in the world?” The short answer; Because then God would be killing the very mechanism by … Continue reading

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On the Drug War

On The Drug War By Nicholas Ifkovits The King James Bible (the indisputable word of God according to Christians), Genesis 1:29, states: And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices By Nicholas Ifkovits I had a friend who used to get high and talk to God. At least he thought he was talking to God. He said getting high somehow opened up a channel between himself and the … Continue reading

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