On Religious Violence

On Religious Violence
By Nicholas Ifkovits

Young men of Islam, Christianity, or any other faith, don’t be fooled! Religious leaders that call for violence reveal within themselves a lack of faith. They aren’t “men of God” but “men of Satan,” and acts of religious violence are not acts of faith, but acts of faithlessness that does a disservice to believers of all faiths and does violence to the concept of God in general—the epitome of the anti-Christ–the ultimate rejection of Jesus’ message of self-sacrifice.

An act of religious violence is saying to God in actions louder than words, “We don’t trust in God. We don’t believe in justice at the hand of God. We only believe in ourselves.”

Suicide-bombing by any other name is still dealing in death. God brings life. Satan brings death. Don’t become one of Satan’s minions.

As Jesus demonstrated by his ultimate sacrifice on the cross, if you believe in God, you don’t believe in violence. If you believe in violence, you don’t believe in God.

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About Nicholas Ifkovits

Author of four novels; "Cloud Drops," an inspirational fantasy about the hereafter. "Other Dreams," intense suspense inspired by real events. "Harmony's Angel," action, adventure, romance, also inspired by real events. And "Strange Change" a deeply philosophical contemporary fantasy with supernatural overtones.
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3 Responses to On Religious Violence

  1. supply marketing says:

    Well stated Nick. Many don’t believe in God and therefore don’t trust.

  2. Right. But I was talking about people doing violence in the name of God.

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