Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices

By Nicholas Ifkovits

I had a friend who used to get high and talk to God. At least he thought he was talking to God. He said getting high somehow opened up a channel between himself and the Almighty that actually allowed him to hear more clearly God’s reply.

I knew what he meant. Talking face-to-face with God the way an Old Testament Prophet such as Moses might have. Crazy people do that. Popes have done that. So have the leaders of cults large and small, such as Manson, Jim Jones or the Reverend Moon, reporting to the rest of us what God wants. And often huge numbers of people believe them, and have killed others, and even themselves, in the name of their leader. Or in the name of God. Hitler at one point rhetorically asked, “Who’s to say I am not under the special protection of God?” Is everyone who believes in Divine Inspiration, both leader and follower, crazy, then? Turning this dilemma over in my mind gave birth to “The Three Voices Theory.”

The Three Voices Theory

Three Voices

Every believer of whatever stripe must deal with three voices: His or her own (gut feeling, intuition, wishful thinking, or whatever you want to call it), God’s voice, and Satan’s. That Satan delights in imitating God’s voice to your deluded confusion is Biblical. And probably Koranical. The question is, how can YOU tell Satan imitating God’s voice, from the actual voice of God? Throw in being high and, or, your own wishful thinking and therein lies confusion. And grave danger. The battle for your soul.

Two Voices

Everyone who believes in the supernatural sans God, such as those who turn to magic spells, crystals, statues and stars for understanding, those who talk to the dead, seers, witches and wizards must deal with only two voices. Their own and Satan’s. Biblically speaking (and probably Koranically as well), practicing the aforementioned beliefs is emphatically forbidden by God. Therefore, obviously, God would have naught to do with these. And Satan is pure evil. Whatever power you receive from him will be short-lived. And then your nightmare will begin.

One Voice

Every non-believer, atheists for example, must deal with only one voice. Their own. Because they believe in nothing, nothing supernatural will ever touch them. Satan will not, out of fear of awakenening the damned to the reality of the “other side.” And God will not, for as we all know, according to the Bible and the Koran, if you reject God, God will reject you. And even if God still sought an atheist’s attention, as in the shepherd seeking the lost lamb, how would an atheist hear the inaudible voice of a Being whose very existence he or she vehemently denies? And who can blame God if a willful creatures shuts its eyes, and then finds itself in the dark?

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About Nicholas Ifkovits

Author of four novels; "Cloud Drops," an inspirational fantasy about the hereafter. "Other Dreams," intense suspense inspired by real events. "Harmony's Angel," action, adventure, romance, also inspired by real events. And "Strange Change" a deeply philosophical contemporary fantasy with supernatural overtones.
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